Thursday, May 7, 2015

What is a Virtual Summit?

Marketing departments often weigh the pros and cons of participating in trade shows.  Shows take planning (which ones are the best to reach target markets), cost money to develop a good booth, staff time, and usually travel costs.  In addition to planning, working the show, and attending, there is the follow up after.  And, what is the return on investment? How can you measure if the new relationships will lead to business? What about existing clients and getting face time with them at the show?

As we rely more on the digital world for business, trade shows face increased scrutiny from business leaders in measuring their effectiveness.  Linda Velazquez is the creative and business arm behind, our industry supported website. I was introduced to her early in my career, when I was still in MSU's grad school program, at my first green roof trade show and conference.  Several years ago she and her team launched a Virtual Summit- a low cost and travel-free alternative to attending a trade show.

This year, she asked me to prepare a presentation of my choosing, record it, and make some videos to introduce and close the presentation.  During the summit, you can watch numerous other presenters, chat with sponsors, and enter the virtual trade show to learn more about the companies.  Cool, huh? I loved the experience of preparing the presentation, learning how to record it, and using my phone and computer to video a trailer.

My presentation is called Pollinators on Parapets.  Here’s the YouTube trailer preview. To register for the 2015 Virtual Summit, just click the hyperlink. And to follow up from the summit, Linda wrote an excellent summary of the presentation in her Sky Gardens blog!

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