Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Green Happenings

Spring is a very busy time for green roofers!  I will keep this short but wanted to share some events coming up that may be of interest to you!

First, AD Greenroof will be finishing the planting of an acre green roof in Nebraska on June 6.  It has undulating soil depths, and will be full of natives.  The perimeter plants will be our favorite drought tolerant succulents and wildflowers may thrive there, too! 

The MN Green Roofs Council has partnered with Green Roofs for Healthy Cities to create a star-studded policy event on June 19 at Hamline U.  I will be speaking about a local case study, the Target Center, and discussing the new MIDS Stormwater Calculator.  Hope to see you there!

But, if "policy and a pint" is not your thing, perhaps biking for a pint is!  On June 22, we are hosting a bike tour of 5 green roofs in Minneapolis, ending at a brewery. 

Also, National Roofers Contractor Assoc has asked me to present a webinar on (what else?) green roofs on July 19. Feel free to register in the link provided.

We continue to collect some awesome data at Penfield in St. Paul.  Measuring storm water performance and tracking temperature is ongoing. Abbey the Intern, has complied a wonderful local literature review!

With all this going on, it's important to stay focused on maintenance, quality installations, and partnering with the right people to get the job done safely.