Monday, April 8, 2019

Green Roof Primer! (Because, why not?)

As Spring hits across the country, we all get excited about landscapes greening up and blooms happening in the ground and on the trees.

Recently, I was asked by a local Master Gardener group to write about green (vegetated) roofs. This time of year, they are very busy answering horticultural questions to prepare owners for the growing season ahead, so I thought it was a timely ask!

Take a look at the green roof introduction and overview blog here

We also recently hung out at the Central States ASLA conference and met a lot of designers looking to help their clients alleviate their stormwater management issues while providing some awesome finished looks to their sites!  The conference was in St. Louis, home of the great Missouri Botanic Gardens where many species were in bloom and smelling great!

More info and Answers at AD Greenroof LLC