Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Make it Quick!

Geum in bloom
Like many people in my industry, I love this time of year.  The roofs are waking up, we get back out to the field to explore the new growth, and evaluate any problems that might have occurred over winter. Last week I was fortunate enough to get out to five local roofs to clean up organic matter, collect soil samples, and take a few snapshots of some early blooms.

This is also an ideal installation time for green roofs! AD Greenroof is working on a small installation this week in Eden Prairie, MN. Over winter we contracted by a design-build firm in town to design a green roof - this one includes irrigation, berms, Sedum and natives. I anticipate lots of pollinators will be visiting this site, too!

Native strawberries on Target Center
Last month we were part of a 5,000 sf agricultural roof installation in Chicago. It's a wonderful project with high visibility. I look forward to hearing more about the crops they grow, what is successful and how they will use it in the restaurant they are building below.

I'm keeping this post short because it is too nice today to be stuck to a computer!

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