Tuesday, June 20, 2017

National Pollinator Week!

13 June 2017 on a Wisconsin roof, photo cred AD Greenroof.
It remains unidentified...If you have a guess please contact me!

The work we do in the green roof industry is valuable on multiple levels. Not only are we bringing nature back into the built environment, but we are managing stormwater, contributing to building efficiency, and saving roof replacement costs (and products).

Clients like working with my company, AD Greenroof, because we can provide boutique designs that hit each benefit they are interested in.  In other words, if an owner stares at a gravel roof very day, and would rather look at plants that change color and texture throughout the year, we can make it happen.  If a client is mostly interested in the bottom line, with a boost of marketable stewardship, well then, we can work up the ROI that makes sense for the site.  

I also appreciate customers who share their observations on the evolving green roofs. Really, I'm talking about improving eco-system habitats! Bees, moths, butterflies, bats, birds, along with so many other insects find a home and resources throughout the year. Champions of theses roofs understand the need for periodic maintenance and plant diversity. Resilience is the key!

Enjoy national pollinator week, put some honey on your breakfast!