Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's happening with the Runoff?

My client asked me to check in on the data we are collecting at the Penfield Apartments in St. Paul, MN.  She was curious how the green roof was retaining storm water this year, compared to last year.
Hey, Minnesotans, remember when we had all the flooding last spring and early summer with record high rain falls? News reports highlighted that much of the problem came from runoff from impervious surfaces (roofs, parking lots, roads)- and nature had reached its carrying capacity.  I blogged about this dramatic event last year.
Take a look at how a vegetated roof can perform to alleviate the damage from stormwater runoff from impervious areas!  You can see that in a normal year (2015) green roofs designed with either 8" or 16" soil can retain almost, or all of, the rain.  However, even the extremes of 2014 spring, green roofs had already reached their saturated capacity and were only able to capture about half of the storm water.  The systems did detain the rain for several hours before runoff, however.

To get more information on this project, please visit AD Greenroof's project page .  To dive into this public data further and do you own comparisons, you can get direct access here!

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Rolling Hills

Today's blog focuses on a new installation just planted in Eden Prairie, MN.  AD Greenroof was hired to design-build the nearly 2,000 sf semi-intensive with Aulik & Assoc. Last fall, our alternate proposal came in under budget (how often can you say that in our industry?! Haha).  So, we designed some berms and permanent irrigation to make this a really robust and diverse roof. The subtle berms mimic the surrounding landscape and are planted with native forbs and naturalized spring bulbs. We partnered with an installer, Refuge Landscape, and purchased materials from Hanging Gardens.
Beautiful Course!
The client is Olympic Hills Golf Course.  They are undergoing a major renovation around their property incorporating native plantings. The addition where we installed the green roof is visible from the restaurant and patio; and will be a common backdrop during weddings. During the installation, we had many curious and excited onlookers- during rain and shine. One member commented, "Every day is like Christmas out here!"

Below are a few site photos for your viewing pleasure :)  Please contact me if you have any questions about this project or green roofs in general!  This project is also posted on our webpage!
Nice blend of succulents
Craning soil

Graded growing media

Conventional drip and pre-grown succulents

Just installed, view from the landing by the patio

Berms planted with natives in the background