Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Seasons Shift

There are many indicators that Fall has arrived.  School is in session, state and county fairs are wrapped up, the nights are getting cooler.  While certain parts of the country may still have some hot days in the near future, green roof plants know the days are getting shorter! 

If you have a green roof that was planted with more than just an extensive Sedum palette, you can probably see the fall asters blooming, ornamental grasses thriving, and Allium seed heads providing texture.  The photo on the right features milkweed, white snakeroot, and purple cone flower growing on a roof in Wisconsin.  

Another Fall indicator is the Living Architecture Monitor's free issue!  AD Greenroof LLC is featured on page 34.  Feel free to read it here!

It's not too late to reach out for some fall maintenance!  Email

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