Saturday, October 20, 2012

You're Good Enough, and darnit People Like You!

This is the launch.  A Re-launch.  In fact, it’s my Green Re-launch that I need.  This week I met with an old co-worker who put a fire under my ass.  She’s good like that.  We talked about my lackluster attitude in an industry that should never be described as such.  The negative attitude that I created, which manifested in my gut intermittently over the years, needed to leave.  And the fire under my ass was its perfect escape.

I work exclusively in the green roof industry.  I was one of the first “young professionals” to get a Master’s degree in an emerging technology, and probably the first woman to make a career of it.   I am not a born sales person who was looking for something awesome to sell; nor was I groomed as a construction manager or scientist who had a project focused on green roofs.  At times, I’ve been charged with being too passionate and dedicated, is that a negative comment?  Though some may describe me as a pioneer, I touch all aspects of green roofing every day, which I just consider my job.  

I decided to commit to writing about this topic today, October 19, 2012 (in these days it’ll probably be distributed in blog form, but I’m ok with that).  I am committing to this so that if nothing else, someone will read these old chapters and we’ll give it a good laugh.  Although egoistically I hope that someone else can learn from me, or at least appreciate what happened to me while blazing the trail in the green industry.  

I took creating writing in undergrad just because I wanted to.  I thought I did well in the class and had fun.  I continued to write and published a few works in the college quarterly magazine- I don’t remember the topics, but it was probably about a burning candle or something un-original.  However, I settled on a minor in technical writing and wrote my Master’s thesis, which I found out I loved and understood much more than creative writing at the time.  Now, I have no rules except the ones I give myself.  I am excited to share my writing now even though I’m breaking my first new rule: Define The Audience.  I’m excited to see where this may take me, how often I post, what the feedback will sound like, and how my writing style will change over time…And how I change because of the writing.

Eh, I’m rusty.  

For now, I’ll lay out the chapters of the past, answering standard question of “How did you ever get involved in that?!”  Ten years into this green roof journey, I picked up some amazing stories and hilarious adventures.  And, of course my contact list of people!  Some will be easily exaggerated- sorry in advance for that, but I’ve got to make this entertaining.   I spend a lot of time on the road with thoughts and ideas on my life.   A few particulars have spilled into my personal life that I plan to share as well.  And as I admit that, I decided to warm up to my readership and include my deepest Jack Handy thoughts, fears, and successes that I need to include in these chapters, too.

I used to journal when I was young, but when my sisters found where I hid my writing and exploited my high school crushes (ok, yes NOW it’s funny).  I guess I’m choosing to post online now for anyone to read.                                 Back in a few. 

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